by Elin Eriksson


The fact that the food affects us both positively and negatively is most aware and constantly we are reminded of what to eat with promised results.

Diets and trends affect us and it is not always easy to follow and hold them, it is much easier to continue in old habits that one usually slips back in.

We want to show you how to easily cook foods that are both good and healthy by raising nutritional components without worrying about it. Food should be good and nutritious and give your body what it needs to feel good.

So join us on a food trip in the city’s fast pulse where Louise lives and lands among the chickens and self-catering where Anne lives. Follow us out of into the world to discover food from difrent places and how the obvious Swedish food arrangement is set up in Albania where everyone eats together by dipping the bread in the common pot. Join different places close and far away and be inspired by the food pleasure we want to convey.


Louise Papuçiu

Business manager who spends her summers in Albania and who has cooking and the art of choosing good ingredients from her upbringing on the farm.

With family and a life full of activities, it’s important that everyone gets nutritious food to keep healthy to enjoy life

Discovering new ingredients is amazing and the whole world is like an exciting pantry.


Anne Hallbäck

The Master of Science in nursing with many years of experience in medicine, cancer, psychiatry and diseases that affect us when we grow older. Many diseases that can be avoided or mitigated where we get knowledge of the research about food and how it affects us.

Giving the body the potential to feel good and enjoying life is important and getting food with the wealth of raw materials that surrounds us brings so much joy.

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